Other things you can do to earn online

Aside from blogging, as mentioned in my previous entry, I've listed some other things you can do to earn online:

1. Online Business/Online Store - this is where I actually started. I put up The Dreamer's Shoppe but being a newbie in regards to increasing traffic to my site, I moved it to multiply.com. But that's a different story.

2. PTC - there are still some honest PTC sites out there who'll pay you for your work. You just have to be very careful, investigate before signing up.

3. Freelance Jobs - such as Virtual Assistants, SEO, Content/Article writing. There's always something that will fit your qualifications.

These are the things I've tried so far. The most important thing when starting on these is to make sure you've investigated enough to know that the company you signed up for is not a scam.

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  1. PTC means paid to click :)

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