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I started blogging on 2004, though not regularly, when I came here in Manila. Since I was used to writing them down, I thought, "why not put them up online?" I didn't know anything about earning other than being an employee until I was invited by a friend to sign up to one of those PTC sites. I didn't know how it worked or what it will do to me, but she needed a referral so I agreed. I didn't keep the account though and found out later on that it was a scam. I didn't know it was a natural occurence in cyberworld. But good thing about it, I didn't waste my time or money to upgrade my account. Then I met several people who introduced me to Google Adsense and that's when I learned that I can actually make money out of what I love doing. But my posts were too personal. I thought I needed to learn the "proper" way in making product reviews. It took me several years to get myself to try to learn how it is done. Thanks to a good friend of mine who taught me a bit about SEO and online friends who helped me whenever I have questions, things have been a bit different now that I know some basic ways of updating and fixing my own site without having to depend too much on web designers/developers.

When I started blogging I used blogger (aka blogspot). When I got my own domain, I used wordpress which is much easier for me. But before you start exporting your blogs from blogger to wordpress (and yes you can export them), keep in mind that you must have your own domain. does not allow adsense-type ads to be added to their site. They also do not allow sponsored or paid by posts services. So if you still have a free hosted account, it is highly recommended to stay with Blogger. has evolved from simple blogging tool to something more suitable for commercial or search engine optimization purposes. They have gained a lot of members because they allow people to earn. It is also user friendly but if you want to customize it to your liking, you might also want to start checking out tutorials about HTML codes.

As I have mentioned above, my blog is personal in nature. Blogging does not have to be formal. You just put whatever interests you. One way or the other, people with the same interest as you do will find their way to your blog. Eventually you'll get people to follow your blogs and that's when the earning starts. I never believed in easy money. So before you start creating your website, you have to remember that it takes time to actually see results for your hardwork.

All the things I've written above are based on my experience. But you have to create your own. Some things may not apply to other people and some may have more knowledge than I do, so you might also want to check out helpful tips from other bloggers who have gone farther than I've been. In this time and age, there's a lot.
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