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According to SEOguru Whitepapers, in directory submission, a website is enlisted with an online directory. There are several web directories online but you might want to check these sites which offers directory submission service.

ODP - Open Directory Project - this has a PR of 8 and a 'must submit to' directory. However, not all links/site submissions are approved and it takes a long time (months) for your site to be reviewed and approved/denied.

Pegasus Directory - has PR of 5 however for blogs hosted online at other sites like blogspot and the likes, the blog must be 6 months old with enough posts and a PR value greater than 2. Approval usually takes 1 - 2 weeks. They are also offering paid links.

Web World Index - has PR of 3. It might take a long time before your link gets approved for free submission. They also offer paid links. One thing you should take note is that your site must show your email address you used when you submitted your site.

Link Centre - PR of 3 and offers paid links. Approval is automatic.

These are just few directory submission sites that I know of so don't limit yourself to this list. You can always check with other bloggers who have submitted their links to sites that are not listed here.
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  2. thank's for your information

  3. Its hard to get approved in the ODP. Of all the 5 sites I submitted, only 2 were approved.

  4. ^I agree Jason. Aside from the fact that its hard to get approved, it also takes time before your site get reviewed. I guess its because of the fact that those who review the sites are volunteers and its dependent on their availability.


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