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I've been looking for ways on how to maximize my earnings in Google Adsense when I came across this website. It doesn't pay you directly for posting or writing but it gives you an opportunity to post links of your blog entries thus helping you gain more traffic to your site. Also, you can input your Google Adsense ID so that you get one more impression everytime another person views your page there.

As I've said in my previous posts, earning online isn't easy. It takes time and effort in your part and it is good to have more than one way to advertise your site without having to submit your URL to traffic exchange sites as this is another violation of Google Adsense's terms of use.

You can check out this site by clicking the banner below.

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  1. I think Shetold me is a Great Site but you Have to work on it Also and Many Join and Expect it to Make Money when they Don't Submit Posts or Commnet on the Other Scoops on the Site


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