Success in blogging: You'll never know until you try

When I decided to monetize my blog, I didn't know what or how to do it without putting too much ads in my blog thus avoiding slow loading whenever a guest visits my site. That is, until I read this article by Steve Pavlina titled How to Make Money From Your Blog, that's when I finally made up my mind and put in everything I can to boost my site's traffic. One thing that caught my attention was his statement that "If you do decide to generate income from your blog, then don’t be shy about it. If you’re going to put up ads, then really put up ads. Don’t just stick a puny little ad square in a remote corner somewhere."

As I've mentioned again and again, it will take a lot of time and effort before you can see actual results but his entry made me more determined to learn everything I can about SEO and getting site traffic to earn a decent income through this blog. I'm still a newbie when it comes to SEO but I'm thankful to all my friends who ask for advice/help in understanding how to monetize the blog. The trust they have for me gave the confidence I need to continue the work I've started. Though at the very least, I give them sites like to help them learn SEO on their own.

SEO is not something that you learn purely from research and reading other people's blog. You have to apply it to your own blog too. It is advisable that you create a blog like this to help you practice what you have studied else it will all go to waste. There were several people who are still in doubt whether they'll earn or not. Some people asks other bloggers if they think they can do it too. I guess the old cliche applies to this: You'll never know until you try. As Steve Pavlin explained in his blog, not everyone can earn from it but who knows, you might be one of the 1% who were able to succeed in blogging and earning.
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  1. Ooooh, im a lil hesitant with ads, too. I would love to earn through blogging, but I'm afraid I really can't put that much effort into it.

    I know a lil SEO, but it's a pain to live by 'its code' if you're only after speaking your mind out loud.

    haha, andaming restrictions. someday siguro, when im not too busy, i can take these things into consideration :) sarap din naman to earn while doing what you love doing.

  2. i agree kaya nga kinalimutan ko na pagmonetize ng personal blog ko and focused dito.. tee hee!
    thanks for dropping by :)

  3. thanks for sharing...

    ako im trying to monetize on my blog, i know medyo layo pa bago sya kumita, saka hardword talaga pero enjoy naman kahit papaanu...

    im not familiar with seo pa, puros, articles lang muna laman nung akin saka interesting widget, saka non-stop na pag promote thru entrecard...

    could you give me three tips sa seo? thanks!!! :-)

  4. I am trying to monetize my blog too.. i hope one day I would get paid for it. For the meantime, I am just enjoying in blogging!

  5. Yes I wanted to be successful on bloggin also but for now I must go back to basics in understanding how to earn here. I want to learn more about SEO and tips from successful bloggers. I believe in what the title said. "You'll never know until you try:"


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