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I've blogged about this in Realm of a Dreamer but I'm blogging about it again for those who didn't get to read that entry.TalkPH is an ad revenue sharing forum where you get to post comments, create new topics, share opinions and at the same time get more out of your adsense account. You'll be given a chance to put in your adsense ID and get a percentage of the impression depending on your level (number of posts). More about ad revenue sharing.

But if you are just someone who wants to learn more about SEO and/or blogging, someone who knows about SEO and wants to share some ideas, or someone who has been looking for new friends (crazy ones too. [in a good way... ] LOL! peace!) drop by this forum and join the fun.

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  1. Crazy ones too, huh? No further comments. :)

  2. crazy in a good way... I updated it already ;) *takot*

  3. hey sis, will try this one. will sign up as your referral, ha? :)

  4. I am eagerly waiting to join with you because I want to learn more about SEO.


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