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I've first read about Facebook indexing from Snow of Dear Bloggery so I searched Google for any additional information. According to Snopes, "search engines can index your Facebook information if you don't disable the 'Allow indexing' setting, but the indexing won't reveal anything that the general public can't already see."

I wondered if this is going to be something that will benefit those who are into SEO. If you check my sidebar, you'll see a widget for networkedblogs, a facebook application which gives blog authors a chance to create a page for their blog and will automatically post any new entries into their facebook wall (setting must first be configured to automatically post). However, if you opted to keep your facebook private, this will not get indexed.

To optimize Facebook use, you might want to consider creating a fan page/separate account for your blog sites choosing 'Allow Indexing' in privacy settings. This might or might not bring more traffic to your sites but there's nothing wrong in trying.
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  1. I have already created a fan page for my other blog. I noticed it was being indexed by Google! nice! I should also create one for my Pinoy Updates blog.

  2. Hi sis. The first review of your blog is up on Overcashed. 2 more! ^_^

  3. Hi. This is Mary Narvasa. I won Best Reviewer Award at BHO's contest. Instead of advertising my blogspot, I would like to advertise my other blog.

    Thank you. :) Please email me at marynarvasa@gmail.com for the details..

  4. And if you are an internet marketer facebook is also the best way because it's free and easy to use and if you are lack of budget you can also use facebook to built a website using a fan page. here's a tip avoid direct selling relation first and learn selling without selling... thanks.


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