I've always wanted to try HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) but wasn't really sure where to start as I've read about most of them being scams. Until I recently joined one under Isl30vi3w where they offer all new members a free investment in the program. So I put my doubts aside and joined in.

As I've mentioned this will be my first HYIP. So I'm still learning how it actually works. But if you are interested to join, then sign up now. Just make sure you have liberty reserve or alertpay account. If not, then get one now.
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  1. Hmm.. its been a long time since I joined a HYIP. Mayhaps gonna try this one.

    - nv

  2. nyahahaha I'm still trying to find a way to get credits into my alertpay account lol. I'll let you know.

  3. Hi guys, just drop by, saw this site in talkph.net ... Ive been into hyip , I must say I earn a bit by playing them. Its like gambling but you need to be wiser. 2 years ago, Before I invest in HYIP, I have this so called hyip tracker, which investigate the hyip site from Ip add, down to the owner.. if I find it okay then I will play. HYIP is only good if you are one of the earlier investor, next check the hyip for how long it exist. the fresher the HYIP the better chance you'll be paid. dont invest if the hyip is 3 weeks old.

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