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YouSayToo is another ad revenue sharing site which lets you automatically import your blog entries and make extra earnings from Amazon and Google Adsense. You’ll also be able to get more traffic/visitors as your blog entries will be visible to other YouSayToo members. Aside from that, you’ll be able to discover new and interesting blogs by browsing through other bloggers’ accounts with the same interests as you do. If you are into charitable deeds, you can donate your revenue to charities too!

I’ve become a member of this site and was able to find new blogs that helped me with my online jobs. It is fun to learn from other people who know more than I do and this site helped me gain more, not just knowledge but friends too. Just this morning though, I went through my emails and found one from them introducing the YouSayToo Dream Gift Award.

YouSayToo Dream Gift awards give 9 coolest blog authors fun gifts of their choice and the first placer will get that $1000 holiday dream gift. And since holiday season is just around the corner, I decided to jump in and join the fun and maybe I’ll get what I’ve always wanted to have this coming new year.

What’s my $1000 holiday dream gift is and why I want it?
I've always wanted to own a MacBook. I've spent most of my time online, doing my online works and other opportunities to earn and sometimes I have to go out to rent a computer whenever mine crashes. I get a lot of good feedback about how dependable a MacBook is. With MacBook, I'll be able to update my blogs more frequently than before.

Which of the YouSayToo’s fun gifts I like the most?
I like the Retro Web Cam the most. Aside from blogging and online gigs, I also enjoy taking pictures for personal use. I’m also into old movies. The Retro Web Cam defines who I am as it looks like a real old camera and it would be a nice addition to my customized desktop PC.

Why my blog should win?
I’ve put in a lot of time and effort to keep this blog as updated as possible in order to help out my friends and other people looking for online opportunities. Though most of the entries here are based on my experiences which aren’t that much, I still want to believe that there are people who actually learned from me. I also believe that I do deserve to have something back from this blog, something that will encourage me to do better, to make this blog better and more helpful and to give more.

Now, in order to win, I’ll be needing support from you, my dear readers. All you have to do is rate my blog, follow it and leave reviews explaining why you want my blog to win. But of course, you need to login to your YouSayToo account.

No account yet? You can register through this link. You can also join the Awards by checking their awards page for guidelines and rules.
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