When I was just starting, I find it difficult to get people to follow/visit my blogs, more so, to make them read my posts. It might be because my interests are not the same as that of other bloggers. And finding someone with the same interests as I do was really difficult.  Now that there are a lot of social networking sites available online, we might think that it’s much easier, though I’d still disagree. Social networking sites might be able to help a bit but not every member of those sites are bloggers or at least interested in blogs.

Every blogger knows that more visitors means more traffic yet is it enough to just ask someone to visit your site for few seconds without even taking a glimpse of what you wrote in it? Doesn’t it frustrate you that after you spent some time thinking and actually creating your posts, nobody even bothered to read it?

I’m member of several forums and whenever members are asked if they blog or read/visit blogs, most non-bloggers usually reply that they only visit their friends’ blogs. Friends are usually those who share the same interests, right?

So I’m really glad that one of my online friends rjsmama created BlogPartyHost. It's one way to meet new friends and easier to find bloggers with same interests as you do. Or if you can't find one there, you can let them find you by being "host of the day". Learn more at BlogPartyHost website.
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  1. thanks sis! will grab your badge(s) now :)

    will be waiting for your email :)

  2. hi sis! can you host a party on the 30th, fri next week?

    rj's mama

    join ka na rin sa facebook
    facebook page


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