Want a Better Home Mortgage Loan Rate? Ask!

Most people, when they go shopping, assume that the sticker price is the final word. Believing that when you find that the item you want is totally out of stock except for one that is scratched or damaged makes you feel torn: Do I buy this defective one at full price or do I leave without what I need? When you buy something like that, it usually leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you are reminded of that feeling every time you look at your purchase. But many companies are more than happy to discuss a negotiation on many items from dented food cans to a home mortgage loan rate

If you have a credit card with an annual fee or an interest rate you aren’t comfortable with, it doesn’t hurt to give your bank or credit card company a call and see if they can sweeten the deal. It helps when you have a solid offer from another company in hand. Even if the initial representative can’t or won’t help with your rates, if you politely ask for the department that handles closing accounts, they often have more leeway to make you happy if it means keeping your business. You can approach your bank in a similar manner to see if you can get a better home mortgage loan rate as well.

Before approaching a bank or other financial institution to negotiate a different deal, it can be extraordinarily helpful if you can find a better deal first. Shopping online for a better home mortgage loan rate is a great way to educate yourself on what is available. If you have a printed copy of a better home mortgage loan rate from another institution when you go to your bank, you’re more likely to get them to agree. If not, you can still take the better offer online. It always pays to ask.
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