Adsense vs Paid to Promote

There has already been few people I know who gave up on Adsense. Maybe because it's really difficult to earn through Adsense and there are already a lot of alternative that we can use to monetize our blogs. I've had that Adsense account since May 26, 2008 but not earning anything from it.

I did try to put back Adsense in this site but I still can't see any changes in my earnings so I removed it again and put back paid-to-promote since I've been earning from that site every month.

If you remember my post about Paid-to-Promote, I've already posted my earnings then. But here's a summary of everything I earned from them so far (before I removed it for Adsense)

So if I'm going to choose between Adsense and Paid to promote, I'll stick to PTP. At least, I'm seeing movement in my paypal account ;)

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  1. i'm also thinking of putting back the paid-to-promote code on my other blog. you're right. lately, adsense is not earning quite as much as expected compared to ptp.


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