Once of the reasons why I received an increase in traffic is Entrecard.

Entrecard is a free blogging network that helps you build traffic, get more readers, and network with other bloggers. You put a 125×125 widget on your blog and you can earn “EC credits” when members visit your blog. You can use the “credits” to purchase advertising on other blogs in our network.
Source: Entrecard FAQ

So how do I do it?

I drop cards in different websites who installed the entrecard widget (maximum of 300 cards). This will then appear in the inbox of website owner's Entrecard dashboard. Most of the time, the website owner also visit my site to drop their cards. It can also help if you leave a message in their shoutbox or leave a comment in their posts.

What to do with the credits?

I use them to advertise my own sites. More advertisement means more visitors.

Aside from those mentioned above, you also get to meet new people and gain new friends.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now.

BTW: I have a list of 300 websites with Entrecard widget on it. Interested? Let me know ;)
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