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Every time someone asks what are the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques I used in my blogs, the first thing that comes to mind is link building. This is the technique where you get backlinks to your website and though it seems easy to do, the truth is, it’s really difficult to get backlinks that will help improve your blog or website’s volume of traffic. It is not enough that you get backlinks. It has to have high quality in order for it to count as “helpful”.

I’ve actually found one website that will let you outsource link building which means you can buy links from blogs and websites that will point to your website. Furthermore, the links are set as do follow. Although it is still on planning stage, it is interesting how they aim to make link building easier for every bloggers and website owners. This will definitely be something to watch out for and will be helpful for newbies who are reluctant to start a blog just because of the complexities of SEO.

SEO might seem to be complicated especially to those who are not technically inclined, but it doesn’t have to be. With enough help and the right resources, anyone can put up a blog, get enough traffic to support it and eventually earn from it too.
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