Another way of earning online is through Microworkers.

What is Microworkers?
Microworkers help us work and earn from "micro" jobs. Payments usually range from $0.10 to $1.50 depending on the task/employer. Aside from earning, you can also post an offer if you need something done. Though the pay is low, there are a lot of tasks available for you. Just take note that for new users, you can only submit up to 5 tasks and have to wait for the employer to rate you which takes 24 hours or more. Be careful though because you have to maintain at least 75% of “success rate”. Success rate is based on your satisfied vs. not satisfied tasks.

If you’re ready to join, then sign up now.
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  1. hi, this is the first time that i have read about micro workers. Are you familiar with fiverr? I am not sure if they are considered as micro jobs but they are also a great way to earn money.


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