My Own Entrecard Dropping Guide

Entrecard, as I've mentioned before, is one way for me to advertise my sites. I know it's difficult to keep track of those sites that has Entrecard widget displayed on their main page so I've made my own EC dropping guide to save time and for convenience as well. I do try to visit them everyday. At some point though, there are site owners who might decide to take the widget down and a regular update of these links is required. So I've made a list of procedures for those who wants me to visit their sites and drop some ECs. If you want your website to be included, please follow the procedures listed here.
My Own Entrecard Dropping Guide My Own Entrecard Dropping Guide Reviewed by Unknown on 7:47 AM Rating: 5

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  1. So there are still blogger using entrecard. As per your experience is it still beneficial to use entrecard to one's blog ?


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