REVIEW: The Blogger Hub

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest.

The Blogger Hub

The Blogger Hub is a blog about blogging, web designing and any other related topics. It is quite interesting especially since, nowadays, there are a lot of people who are turning into blogging for additional income. And when it comes to blogging and blog designs, I'd dare say that Sam, who owns The Blogger Hub, is one of those who have authority to take up this kind of niche.

When it comes to layout, it's cute and pink. I personally love the header picture. I find it cool whenever I see a pink laptop. All the elements are properly placed and easy to find. Loading time is relatively fast, posts are written with proper spelling and grammar. I simply enjoy reading each of her posts mainly because of the content and the choice of font she’s using seems to compliment the layout of the site.
REVIEW: The Blogger Hub REVIEW: The Blogger Hub Reviewed by Unknown on 9:27 AM Rating: 5

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