REVIEW: Travel Junkie Mommy

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest.

 Although the name seems to denote that it’s a travel blog (and it is indeed a travel blog), Travel Junkie Mommy does not only share her travel experience but also what they gained with that experience. This blog talks about “bonding, making the family stronger through parks, malls, places and roads (including gas stations).”

The neatly organized website’s layout is gray on peach background with 3 columns which houses the common elements in an orderly way. Loading time is relatively fast. What really caught my attention was the site’s favicon. It looks like a boat but if I try to use my imagination, I’d say it’s a sundae (or maybe I’m just hungry). But no matter what it is, her entries are more than enough to make readers stay. After all, who isn't out looking for travel tips and airplane fare discounts?
REVIEW: Travel Junkie Mommy REVIEW: Travel Junkie Mommy Reviewed by Unknown on 8:59 AM Rating: 5

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