What is Salary Cash Advance?

What is Salary Cash Advance?

Due to the continuous increase in the price of basic necessities, people are left with no choice but to resort in getting a credit, loan or cash advances.

While getting a credit or loan would imply you to submit several and necessary documents that would determine your capacity to pay, cash advance provided by the company would merely ask you to sign a contract of pay advancement.  There will be no ocular inspection, no guarantor or co-maker needed or no assessment on the properties and assets will happen.

And because almost all companies understand the need of their employees especially those who are just in line with the minimum wage, cash advance as it name depicts is given just before they get their  pay.  There are also times when the money is released just after you fill out a form.  No questions will be asked, no reasons are needed to be explained and no discussion or evaluation will be necessary.  Cash advance is popularly known as emergency fund or right away cash. 

Cash advance made out of your salary guarantee you zero interest and will not be bounded by any paper contract because in strict sense, this is not a credit.  You are just getting in advance a portion of your salary because of unexpected but important and essential events.  There will also be no need to understand any term or condition of payment because you are not going to pay it.  It will be automatically deducted from your salary.

Steps in Getting a Salary Cash Advance

Are you really confused where to get an immediate cash or money?  Are you really problematic where to get the needed amount?  Did you ever have to go and ask all your friends to lend you some money?  Because life is getting a bit harder due to the ongoing increase in the prices of basic commodities, this is understandable.  We have to survive this ordeal.  We need money to get through this.

There are companies who offer salary loan or salary cash advances.  They are not seeing any drawback in it since they are not actually providing loan to a person.  They are just advancing their payment for an employee’s service.

A salary cash advance is probably the most uncomplicated way to get immediate or emergency cash.  You will not undergo a strict evaluation or assessment of your abilities to pay but rather will just fill out a necessary form.

There are simple ways to get this type of cash advance.  First, get to your Finance Department and speak to the director to determine if this is being allowed by your company or not.  Next, you must know how much cash you need.  Remember, this has to be in line with the amount of salary you are getting.  You can’t go overboard.  Third, you may want to know if the amount of cash advance can be deducted in a series of salary pay and not just in one time salary.  This will surely spare you from financial woes again.
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  3. Thanks for the info. It sounds as tho it is something that could spiral if taken without thinking about it fully. Great to avoid those late payments on the credit history in any case.


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