Linkworth Proof of Payment

It's been months since I last logged in to Linkworth and I was surprised when I got an email stating that I received paypal funds from them. I checked my paypal right away (I went to their site directly instead of clicking on any links from that email as I was doubtful that it might not be legitimate) and I'm so happy to find this:

A big thank you to that someone who signed up using my affiliate's link. And yes, that's how much Linkworth pays for every new 'referral' and will be payable if the referred has earned or spent a minimum of $100.

This is not the first time I received payment from them. Here's the first one that I received from last July but that was from the posts I made for their clients.

So what are you waiting for? click on the banner below and sign up now!

Affiliate Banner
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  1. how many months it took you to reach that amount? i used to have linkworth on my blog, but i removed it after a few weeks.

  2. for the first payout, I reached payout for a month but that was for paid posts and I have to wait for another month for it to be credited to my paypal but that's because I didn't meet the minimum by cut-off

  3. I'm not running my blog with ads for now, but i hope I would be able to have them on my site. Good for you. You have earnings already.

    Thanks for following.

    From your GT fella.

  4. thanks for dropping by. Actually sis, with Linkworth, you don't have to put ads muna. You can focus on linkposts (paid posts).


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