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I'm cleaning my blogs and organizing them and if you noticed I've already moved some of my posts to The Peregrinator. Thanks to all the comments. I'm trying my best to visit back.

I'm really hoping I could keep this up. Right now, I'm trying to adjust again and taking it one step at a time.I'm just so glad for the internet for giving me things to take my mind off the loneliness. So far, I've been busy with Linkworth and Microworkers. After a week, I reached the minimum payout for this month in Linkworth and I've also requested for the pin from Microworkers. Aside from those two, I'm busy 'trying' to make layouts for multiply, wordpress and blogger blogs. I'm already on my second layout for multiply but still starting with WP and Blogger although I'm almost done with both. All updates about the layouts will be posted in The Peregrinator. I'm trying to keep this as my earning site.

If you love writing/blogging and looking for sideline, visit those two sites I posted above. If you are looking for blog contests, we have new posts at Events, Contests and Freebies. Good Luck!
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