Optimize your Blog Post Title Part I

SEO is really tricky especially for newbies. There are several techniques that, as I repeatedly mention in this blog, might work for one but not for another.  One thing that a blogger can do though is optimize all of his/her blog's elements including the Single Post Page. Single post page is usually one of the most neglected elements. Although it does not weigh as much as quality content, but it can still help bring in traffic.

Let's start with the permalink. Permalinks are basically the URL of a specific post, categories and other pages. We should choose our permalink the same way that we choose our domain name - with the target keyword.

Before I proceed with how I do it in my WP blog, let me just warn you about one thing. Permalinks are indexed in Google and if you change it without informing Google, you'll lose all those old inbound links.

With that being said, you do have an option to change your old permalinks in Wordpress but make sure that you have a redirection plugin installed to redirect your visitors who are using your old permalinks to the new one or update your .htaccess file. Personally, I did both. I updated .htaccess file and installed Redirect Old Slugs plugin.

To change the permalink settings, go to Settings>Permalinks and then you can choose custom settings. If you haven't changed .htaccess permission settings, then it should still be unwritable. You have to access your root folder and edit it from there. Make sure you copy everything in the box below the "Save Changes" button and put it in your .htaccess file. If you don't have one, you can create it yourself. Read more about it from here.

 If you want to change your permalink after you publish your post, you can edit it from the button below your post title box.

If you blog is hosted in Blogger though, you can set your permalinks first by putting a title without stop words, publish it then edit it again to post your title.

The first titleof this post before I changed it to "Optimize your Blog Post Title Part I"

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  1. Wonderful information. Previously I didn't heard about this information. I feel that, this is one of the tricks of SEO expert. Thanks for sharing.


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