Coming out of a 5-year hiatus

I stopped blogging 5 years ago when I decided to move back to our province and pursue my profession as physical therapist. I am happy that in 5 years, I was able to fulfill my dreams. I got my license to practice as PT in New York and currently working here with a good salary.

Now that I have spent my 5 years pursuing my career, I am ready to go back to earning money online. 

I have no plans of giving up my career as physical therapist. I love what Im doing. However, I am planning to have a kid soon and I want to be able to spend some time with him especially the first 2 years of his life. And the one thing I know that can help me fulfill that is by earning from home.

There are new things that I am not familiar with anymore, new opportunities to try out, new trainings/classes to attend. I feel excited to be back and happy to share this new journey with you. But same as when going to school, it is more fun to study and learn with friends. So join me as I learn and make money online.
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